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session bassist for hire

how to make your music sound better

You are a songwriter, music producer, solo artist or band? You want to record your music and you’re looking for a session bassist?

My name ist Steffen Knauss. I’m a bass player with more than 30 years of recording experience.

Get in touch with me if you want your music to groove, sound better and stand out from the crowd. 

how to stand out from the crowd

  • Don’t use bass loops from free sound libraries. Make your songs unique with bass lines tailored to your needs.
  • Avoid unprofessionally recorded bass tracks and try to fix it in the mix. It’s much better to start of with good sounding tracks.
  • Hire a session bassist and get pro bass lines that enhance the natural feel and groove of your songs. 

take your music to the next level

why hire me as your bass player?

My main goal is to make your music more successful with my bass playing.

Most of the times I get hired by bands, artists and music producers that have one thing in common. They want their music to sound as good and professional as possible.

A lot of them either play a little bit of bass or use loops from sound libraries. But what they miss is the feel and sound of a real bass player. 

recording credits

„I was very lucky to come across Steffen Knauss in the depths of the internet. A real jewel of a bass player, who shines through on my work with him. Highly recommended.“
– Saoirse Mhor

“ I’ve been working with Steffen for 7 years already and that is for a reason. He works professional, fast and reliable. You get what you expect and even more. His contribution to my music makes it so much better. If you are looking for amazing playing, great ideas and a perfect sound he’s the one.“
– Yasi Hofer

here is the deal

My offer to you is the chance to make your songs sound better and lift them up to a more professional level. You will get unique high quality bass recordings with bass lines that complement your music. And if you don’t like my suggested demo bass lines you don’t have to pay anything.

No risk for you at all.

now it‘s up to you!

Click on the button below and get in touch.

Give me a short description of your music and what you are looking for and I will respond to your request within the next 24 hours. Afterwards we can discuss all details via mail, phone, text message or video conference.

So what are you waiting for. You have nothing to lose.
Click on the button and get in touch with me now.


I own various electric bass guitars and upright basses. Unless you already know what kind of bass you want for your song I will chose the instrument that I think works best for your music.

It always helps if you can send me stems of your songs and not a final mix. Also add at least a simple chord sheet if you have. It makes life easier and the recording process faster.

After you’ve sent me your song and we’ve talked about what you are looking for I will record at least two demo versions with different bass lines for you to choose from. We will talk about the bass lines and  I will add the changes you want to the final bass track. Finally you will receive two high quality audio files (wav, aiff…)from me. One will be a plain DI signal and the other will be either a shaped preamp or mic track. 

This depends on how time-consuming the recording is. My rates start at 95 € for a standard pop or rock song with a least a hand written chord chart supplied by you. Upright bass recordings are a little bit more expensive because the setup takes more time. I will always give you a quote right after I listend to your song. And if you don’t like any of my demo bass lines you don’t have to pay anything at all. That’s a promise. 

Because I am hired for a flat session fee I am not entitled to any copyright co-ownerships or royalties generated from the use of the recording. If you can provide a session musician’s release form I’ll be happy to sign it for you.

You either pay via PayPal or transfer the money directly to my German bank account. All payment details can be found on my bill.

If you don’t like the first demo bass lines we can always talk about the changes you want me to make. If you’re not satisfied at all you don’t have to pay anything. Other than that you will get a quote from my about the recording costs of the final bass track before the actual recording.

E-Mail is probably the best choice for the first contact. Send me a demo version of your songs or what ever sound sample you have and let me know what you are looking for. After that we can either talk on the phone, schedule a video meeting or online chat for more details.


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